Wait List

The demand for UND men’s hockey season tickets is so high that we’ve had to create a wait list for Champions Club members. Your first step? Become a member of the Champions Club and increase your chances at tickets. Season ticket allocations are based on Champions Club priority points and these points are then reallocated each year during the renewal process. UND Men’s Hockey Wait List members receive extra perks while they wait for the chance to purchase season tickets. 

Wait List FAQs

Why do I have to make a donation and pay a deposit to be on the wait list?
The donation to the North Dakota Champions Club is part of every season ticket sold and the deposit is required to confirm your interest in purchasing UND men’s hockey season tickets. It also acts as payment toward your future purchases.
How long will it take to get UND men’s hockey season tickets?
The number of season tickets available to wait list members annually depends on the rate at which current season ticket holders renew. Although we cannot tell you how long it will take to receive access to seats, we can keep you informed of your progress through the wait list. Placing a deposit does not guarantee that you will be offered season tickets for the following season or any season thereafter.
Can I get single game tickets?
North Dakota Champions Club members have exclusive pre-sale single game ticket opportunities. And season ticket holders often sell single game tickets on their My North Dakota Account, so be sure to watch for those opportunities on North Dakota Ticket Exchange.