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Priority Points FAQs

Champions Club Priority Points: What you need to know

What are Priority Points?

The Champions Club Priority Points system is a tool for allocating benefits providing a systematic, orderly and equitable process to prioritize requests for season ticket allocations, away game ticket requests, postseason tickets and other benefits. Priority Points are determined per $100 given to Champions Club or Athletic gifts.

When do I increase my number of Priority Points?

You increase your Priority Points anytime during the year when gifts are given to Champions Club or Athletics.

How many ways are there to increase my Priority Points?

There are 5 ways to increase your Priority Points rank. All of which have to be gifts directed towards UND Athletics. 
  • Increase your Champions Club Membership Level (6 points per $100)
  • Give an MVP Gift or tip your current membership (6 points per $100)
  • Give to the High Performance Center (3 points per $100. Tax credit may apply)
  • Give to an athletic endowment (3 points per $100. Tax credit may apply)
  • Give to an impact scholarship (3 points per $100)

What is my Priority Point Rank?

Priority Point Rank is determined by your total number of points based upon total number of members. We use your Priority Point Rank to rank our members 1 through 2800. This is how we can determine an equal approach to allocating tickets when a situation arrises when limited tickets are available.

Can I call and inquire about my Priority Point Ranking?

If you have questions, you can email or call 701.777.4078 Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Do pledged gifts or payment plans towards Champions Club memberships count for Priority Points?

Priority Points accumulate once the gift is received not pledged. As the payment is received your number of priority points will increase. If you want all of your points right away for your pledge a payment must be received in full.

When do Priority Points get used?

Priority Points is our tool for allocating benefits while providing a systematic, orderly and equitable process to prioritize requests for: season ticket relocations, wait list priority, away game ticket requests, charter flights, NDSU away football games, Regional Hockey Tournaments, National Tournaments and any time we have a limited number of tickets available.

What is the difference between my Priority Points and my Priority Point Rank?

These are two different numbers entirely. We use your total number of priority points to see where you rank amongst all Champions Club members, which in turn gives us your rank. For example, as of October 7th 2014 a donor with 1683.15 Priority Points gives you a Priority Point Rank of #100 out of 2800 members.

Champions Ball & Gala Gifts

Gifts from auction item donations to the Champions Ball & Gala as well as gifts from the sale of the auction items do not count towards your priority point total.

More questions? Contact us.