Priority Points

The Champions Club Priority Points system is how we allocate benefits in a systematic, orderly and equitable way. Priority points help us prioritize requests for season ticket allocationsaway game ticket requests, postseason tickets and other benefits. The system rewards you based on your loyalty and financial support of UND Athletics.

Priority Point Formula
  • Current year gift to Champions Club: 3 points per $100 given.
  • Cumulative athletic giving history: 3 points per $100 given (includes past Champions Club, Fighting Sioux Club, athletic endowment, athletic facilities, impact scholarships and other athletic gifts through the UND Alumni Association & Foundation)
  • Total consecutive years as a NDCC member (since 2001): 3pts per year.
  • UND Letterwinner: 10 points
  • UND Alumni: 10 points

How do you determine Priority Points ranking?
Champions Club members are ranked 1-2,910, determined by their total number of points. We use the ranking to ensure an equal approach to ticket allocation when limited tickets are available.

Do gift pledges or payment plans toward my Champions Club membership affect my points?
Priority Points accumulate as gifts and payments are received, not at the time they are pledged.

When are Priority Points used?
To determine ticket priority when limited tickets are available.

What is the difference between my Priority Points and my Priority Point Rank?
We use your total number of priority points to see where you rank among all Champions Club members. For example, a donor with 1,943.59 Priority Points might have a Priority Point Rank of 100 out of 2,910 members.

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