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Athletics MVP Campaign

2016-17 MVP Campaign Goal: $75,000

UND Athletics is constantly challenged to provide necessary funds to allow student-athletes to become champions in the classroom, community, and in competition. With consistent increases in college tuition, the Champions Club strives to raise more dollars each year to support growing scholarship costs and additional resources needed to fund the complete student-athlete experience.

With travel, academic support and sports medicine, scholarships cost over $25,000. Champions Club is dedicated to fundraising for student-athlete scholarships and other program support. Your membership can help ease UND Athletics' financial burdens, allowing UND to recruit the best and brightest student-athletes. 

To contribute above and beyond their membership, Champions Club members can participate in the MVP Campaign which helps fill the gap of unrealized scholarships for the more than half of UND student-athletes that don't receive any athletics financial aid. 


Give to the MVP Campaign

Annual In-State Scholarship Breakdown

  • Tuition: $6,898
  • Fees: $1,350
  • Room & Board: $6,585
  • Books: $800
  • Total: $15,634

Annual Cost Per Student-Athlete

  • Strength & Conditioning: $709.46
  • Sports Medicine: $2,661.24
  • Academic Support: $2,238.63
  • Student-Athlete Development: $119.13
  • Equipment: $3,132.53
  • Travel: $7,180.17
  • Scholarship: $25,180.00
  • Total: $41,221.16


Annual Out-of-State Tuition Breakdown

  • Tuition: $16,444
  • Fees: $1,350
  • Room & Board: $6,586
  • Books: $800
  • Total: $25,180



  • What is the goal for this year's MVP campaign?
The ND Champions Club is committed to raising $75,000 this year through the MVP Campaign.  
  • What is an MVP gift?
Any dollar amount above your current membership level is considered an MVP gift. No matter if it’s $1 or $1,000, every bit impacts UND Athletics.
  • How do I give an MVP gift?
When joining or renewing your Champions Club membership, simply increase your gift amount to reflect the extra dollars you’d like to give to Champions Club. For example, if you are a Coaches level member, you could give an MVP gift of $150, making your total donation $1,500 ($1,350 – Coaches level contribution + $150 MVP gift).