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North Dakota Champions Club

Communication FAQ & Troubleshooting

The North Dakota Champions Club is a program run through the UND Alumni Association & Foundation and works with UND Athletics to support student-athletes. Because of this connection, you may find that changing your communications with the UND Alumni Association & Foundation may have effected your ND Champions Club communications as well.

To remedy this, there are a few things we recommend:

  • Insure that you are the primary member (only the primary member receives communication and represents the membership) listed on your membership and the UND Alumni Association & Foundation has your preferred email address. This can be done by completing this form:
  • Make sure your communication preferences indicate that you would like to receive all UND Athletics and ND Champions Club emails. You can update your communication preferences here: If you have completed the UpdateMe form above and indicated you would like to receive NDCC communications, your email preferences will be automatically changed and you will not need to fill out both forms.
  • Insure that your email address is not blocked by a spam filter due to reporting previous UND Alumni Association & Foundation or ND Champions Club as spam. This is the most common and a very easy thing to have had happen.
    • Sending the following email from your primary email account will clear this up:
      • To:;
      • Subject Line: Remove from Blacklist
      • Body:

Please remove this email address from your blacklist. I would like to receive email from the UND Alumni Association & Foundation, North Dakota Champions Club and Gorecki Alumni Center again.

Please allow 2-3 business days after each of these items for the proper updates to be made.